Performance management is what many job seekers are looking for in their next job. By performance management I am talking about how managers and supervisors communicate with employees in the workplace.

PM is about discussing clearly and regularly with employees what their job is, how their work aligns with their organization’s mission, vision and values. Employees also want to know (on a routine basis) what their futures in an organization look like and what they need to do in order to move up, These types of discussions are essential not only for employees but for their managers as well. 

Traditional performance reviews are far different from PM in that they take place once per year. They also tend to focus on work performance and behavior over the last year which can be difficult for employees to hear about. A significant part of the difficulty that employees have in hearing about their past performance is there is little they can do to change it!

Employees benefit from being able to plan schooling, training and development work that makes them more likely to be successful when they apply for promotions. Organizations benefit from knowing how employees view their careers and what resources they will need to put at their disposal and over what period of time.

Developing a rational, coherent strategy for employee growth and development will continue to be of great importance in attracting and retaining talent. Grounding your organization in investing in its human capital is essential no matter what industry you are in. When managed well people are often the most important difference in highly successful organizations.